3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

Buying a home is a major undertaking, but selling your current one can be an equally stressful endeavor. Even in a seller’s market, homeowners often wonder what updates they should make to increase their home’s resale value.

The right fix-ups and renovations will significantly boost your selling price, but the wrong ones will cost time and money without a return on investment. As a designer, stager and renovator, I see both ends of home buying and selling. Here’s what I’ve found are the best ways to make your home one of the hottest on the market.

Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior

First impressions matter. Whether potential homebuyers are looking at your property online or in person, the first impression they will have is your home’s exterior – so it pays to make a good one. Some of the best improvements to enhance your curb appeal include:

  • Freshly painting your front door
  • Pressure-washing your home or repainting the exterior
  • Improving landscaping by refreshing with new plants, mulch, etc.
  • Painting or installing a new garage door.

Research shows these actions can have a great ROI. Even major upgrades can pay off, with studies showing that you can recoup around 91% of the costs of a new garage door and 91% of the costs of a new entry door.

Set the Stage Inside

Staging your home is all about making it look clean, comfortable, and cozy. Potential buyers should feel like they could easily settle in.

Setting the stage starts with the background. One of the most powerful yet cheapest updates you can make is painting your home’s interior. In fact, painting can have an over 109% return on investment. Most homes gain natural wear and tear over time, like nail holes or dings on the walls, which can look particularly bad in online photos and virtual tours. Repainting with light, neutral colors will make your home feel fresh and new.

Beyond painting, you’ll want to have the home professionally cleaned, and to really boost sales, work with a designer or home stager. They will bring in decorative furniture and accessories that will present the best your home has to offer.

Invest in the Right Renovations

If you’re looking to substantially grow your home’s sale value, you may want to consider well-selected renovations. Minor kitchen and bathroom renovations result in the highest return on investment. For the kitchen, that might mean updating cabinetry, installing new appliances, and upgrading countertops. For bathrooms, updates like putting in new lighting fixtures, re-grouting tile, and modernizing appliances like showerheads and toilets will create a more “spa-like” feel that appeals to potential buyers.

With that said, there are a couple of don’ts you may want to avoid when it comes to adding value to your home. Depending on your market, high-end landscaping or high-maintenance pools can turn off buyers who see it as a hassle. Highly personalized upgrades, like a bold yellow backsplash in the kitchen or unique lighting fixtures in the bathroom, can prevent buyers from really imagining themselves in the place and feeling invested in the property.

Additional Tip: Work With an Experienced Realtor

It is extremely helpful to bring in a Realtor during this time who knows the ins and outs not only of the real estate industry, but also your specific market and potential buyers. They can provide you personalized expertise on what you should and should not update in your home, as well as connect you with the resources to get any upgrades or renovations complete.

As a designer, stager and Realtor, I am ready to help you figure out the best strategy for upping your home’s resale value. Contact me at 904-626-1551 to see how we can ensure your home will be very competitive in the market.

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