Winter Wonderland

Just like that, the holidays are over, and the new year is here. As we recover from the endless gatherings and gift exchanges, taking down the holiday decorations is usually the first step. For some, ditching the holiday decorations is a relief, while others are saddened by it. If you’re sad to see the festive décor go, don’t worry! Winter is just beginning, and there’s a lot of fresh seasonal decorating ideas you can try.

Keep reading to learn some unique ideas to beautifully deck out your home for winter. Read more ›

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DIY Christmas Decorations

The Christmas season is finally here! A popular way many of us celebrate this time of the year is by decorating the family home inside and out. While most of us purchase our Christmas lights, trees, wreathes and other items, there are many ways you can create your own decorations and bond as a family in the process. DIY Christmas decorations are also becoming more popular as people struggle to find unique pieces not found anywhere else. If you’re one of the people looking for DIY decoration ideas, continue reading to learn some of my favorites for this holiday season. Read more ›

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Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers

The holiday season is a favorite for many! The last two months of the year provide lots of excuses to gather with beloved family and friends. Before we get too caught up in the madness December brings, Thanksgiving is a great time to take a step back and reflect on all the blessings for which we are most thankful. When celebrating this day with loved ones, most people get together to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. While the turkey is usually the main attraction, let’s not forget about all the other great foods too that grace our table! Making some simple appetizers to serve throughout the day is key to making the celebration last longer than one meal.

According to, there are many easy and delicious appetizers you can prepare for Thanksgiving. Here are just a few of my recommended recipes from the list: Read more ›

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The Benefits of Moving to the Suburbs

What comes to your mind when you think of living in the suburbs? Do you think of kids playing ball on the lawn, a family riding bikes to the neighborhood park, maybe even the sound of birds chirping in the mornings? Your vision would be right, but the suburbs are much more than they seem. They have a lot to offer people of all walks of life, not just growing families.

Here’s why a move from the city into the suburbs could be beneficial: Read more ›

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How Far Will Your Money Go?

When looking for a new home, choosing a neighborhood is one of the first decisions most people make. For those buying in the Jacksonville metro area, there’s definitely no shortage of options. From the beach to the river, the city to the country, Jacksonville has it all.

In this blog, we’re going to explore different parts of Jacksonville to determine how far your money can go. Keeping a budget around $350,000, here’s some examples of what you can get:

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Family-Friendly Summertime Activities in Jacksonville

The First Coast region of Florida has a lot to offer those looking to get out and sightsee. From outdoor activities like fishing and boating, to indoor activities like museums and shops, there’s something appealing to everyone. The great thing about living in Florida is that outdoor activities can be enjoyed year-round. Just because the summer is ending, doesn’t mean your family has missed the opportunity to adventure outdoors.

In this blog, we’re going to explore a few of the many family-friendly activities that the Jacksonville area has to offer. Read more ›

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The Best of Jacksonville’s Main Areas

As the largest city by landmass in the contiguous United States, Jacksonville has a lot to offer. With many distinct areas, from rural farms to beachfront high-rises, the Jacksonville community is extremely diverse. Downtown is in the center of the city, surrounded by the Westside, Northside, Southside and The Beaches. Each of these five areas are completely unique. With a long list of positive characteristics, let’s explore the benefits of living in each area and find out why they make a great place to call home. Read more ›

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Buying at the Beach? Here’s What You Need to Know

Purchasing a home is one of the most exciting moments of a person’s life. In Florida, one of the best places to buy is at the beach. Many people are attracted to living at the beach due to the lifestyle it provides. There’s nothing better than waking up to a beautiful sunrise and the sound of ocean waves crashing on the shore. Along with all of this, there are a few other things everyone should consider when thinking about buying close to the ocean. Read more ›

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Jacksonville’s Historic Neighborhoods

Jacksonville is a city rich in history. Founded in 1822, Jacksonville was originally named Cow Ford, due to the way cows were herded across the St. John’s River. When Florida became a state, the city’s name was changed to Jacksonville in honor of Andrew Jackson, the state’s first provisional governor. Not long after, the city began to grow rapidly, and distinct neighborhoods formed. To this day, these historic neighborhoods play a large role in both Jacksonville’s economy and its resident’s way of life. Lifelong residents and recent transplants alike desire to live in these neighborhoods due to their idyllic parks, eclectic shops and restaurants, walkability and a long list of other reasons. Read more ›

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Spring Design Trends for the Home


Spring is upon us and so is the itch to update your home’s style. As we transition from colder months to the warmer months, people tend to look for new and creative ways to usher in fresh elements into their home’s interior design. With every new season comes new design trends for the market. Out of them all, here are my honorable mentions from today’s latest design trends. Read more ›

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