Fall Back in Love with Your Home

Let’s face it – it’s normal to fall out of love with your home. From a lack of space for your growing family to its dated appearance and more, there could be many reasons why your house no longer checks all your boxes. What if I told you there are ways you can fall back in love with your home without leaving it altogether? Let’s explore a few changes you can make to address common issues and leave you falling back in love with your home in no time!



The quickest and easiest way to improve how you see your home is by changing its décor. Old and outdated décor can really affect the feel of an entire house. I recommend sporadically updating key pieces of furniture in each room along with pillows, blankets, linens, art and other accessories. Here’s a tip – plan to make small décor changes with new seasons or around holidays, so you always have something new to look forward to with your home’s aesthetic.


If the extent of your unhappiness is more than a few décor changes can fix, you may need to explore some design changes to bring about a newfound love of the space. I recommend starting small with changes like new paint and landscaping, then working your way up to larger projects like knocking down walls and renovating your main living spaces. Many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen and family room. Updating those main spaces can bring you joy while also drastically boosting your home’s value in the process.

Room Addition

Sometimes a house needs more than just a few design changes to make it work. If your family is outgrowing your current house, don’t immediately start browsing the housing market. The first thing you should do is determine what could be done to your house to make it feel like home again. Chances are adding a bedroom, bathroom or flex living space to your existing floorplan can be the missing piece to the puzzle. Similar to some design changes, adding square footage to your house will likely increase its resale value should you decide to make a move in the future.

It’s ok to fall out of love with your home. After years of living in one place, it’s natural to crave some change now and then. If your attraction toward your home is fading, try making some décor and design changes or even adding on a room to make it better fit your life, and you’re sure to start falling back in love with it once again. If you need some inspiration, call me today at 904-626-1551 and I’ll put my expertise to work to create the home of your dreams.


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