Family Fun from Home

It’s no stretch to say that this month hasn’t gone as we would’ve hoped. The unfortunate situation with COVID-19 has a lot of people out of work, school and off their normal routines. Families are now spending extended amounts of time at home with not much else going on. To try to brighten spirits, I’ve put together some fun ideas that you and your family can use to occupy your time during this unique situation.

Backyard Bliss

We’ve been asked to stay home, but that doesn’t exclude the backyard! There’s lots of outdoor fun that can be had right on your own property. The swimming pool, swing set, sand box, trampoline or anything else you have in your yard can be a haven for those who can’t stand to be indoors one minute longer. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these items in your backyard. Just take some toys or the tablets outside and soak up some of those rays. We’re going to need all the Vitamin D we can get!

DIY Delight

There are only so many shows and movies you can watch before you get bored of sitting on the couch. If your family has grown tired of the TV, it might be the perfect time to start a fun DIY project! There’re so many different types of DIY projects out there to fit everyone’s interests.

Here’s a few of my favorite simple family projects that I’ve come across:

  • Tissue Box Monsters
  • Take all those empty tissue boxes you have lying around and turn them into something silly the whole family will enjoy! These little monsters are sure to bring some joy to your day.
  • Thumbprint Family Tree
  • Take advantage of the extra time you have at home to teach your kids about their ancestors. This fun thumbprint family tree is a project everyone can get involved with.
  • DIY SkeeBall
  • Bored with the devices? Put together your very own game of skee-ball right in your own backyard! This is a great technology-free way to get the family outside and playing together.

Refresh & Redecorate

Stores may not be open, but most online shopping is. Use your time at home to determine what in your space is no longer working for you. After, think of ways you can refresh and redecorate the space. Use items you already have or order online and have everything you need to create a beautiful and updated living space delivered directly to your door.


While times might be tough right now, there are plenty of ways you can keep your family entertained at home. Wishing you nothing but health and happiness ahead!

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