Holiday Home Decorating Tips

Here in Florida, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to get into the spirit of the season when temperatures outside remain unseasonably warm. We don’t have the kaleidoscope of colors painting our landscapes like our northern friends, and, thankfully, no winter wonderland to remind us that the holidays are just around the corner. What we do have, however, is an abundance of creativity and cheer. And, that’s all you need to get your home ready for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. Not feeling particularly crafty? No worries. Here are some holiday home decorating tips that just about anyone can pull off.

holiday wreaths


What the first thing everyone sees when they visit your home? The front door. Make sure you give your guests and friends a warm welcome by adding a colorful wreath to your entry. You can use local elements, such as pine cones and shells, or get trendy and add in some succulents. A fun, red ornament wreath draped with a faux belt is a simple way to bring a smile to any visitor’s face. If you want to turn up the drama, try double or triple layering the wreaths on your door. Just have fun and mix in some personality.

holiday decorating


Layers, textures and colors – oh my! Be sure to add varying heights to your decorations, as well as mixing up the types of materials you use and colors. Even if you want a very neutral color scheme, play with different hues to create a more interesting arrangement. And, don’t be afraid to mix metals. Anything goes!

holiday tiers


Looking for a statement piece or something that will draw your visitor’s attention? Use stackable pie plates or cupcake tiers to create some unique and interesting displays. They can be as lavish, or as simple, as you desire. You can even pull things you have around the house or out in the yard, or use leftover Christmas tree decorations (and even those from Halloween). You are only limited by your creativity.

natural holiday decorations


Do you still have yard debris from Hurricane Irma? Put it to good use! Branches, pine cones and other natural materials can be used in various holiday decorations, such as centerpieces, wreaths, floral arrangements and mantel settings. Carve out large branches to create decorative candle holders, or slice logs to make table chargers for a rustic, traditional look. Pine cones, acorns and pecans are great for filling glass jars and vases, or using with candles to create pretty displays.

holiday sparkle


You can’t have the holidays without a little bit of sparkle. Thankfully, it’s very easy to add it to just about anything. Dip pine cones, mini pumpkins and fake fruits into glue and sprinkle with glitter to create pretty place settings and decorative accents. Add some fairy lights to vases for extra twinkle. If you’re feeling extra crafty, stencil a blank canvas with any image (such as a deer) and paint it with glue. Then, dust with glitter and blow to create a custom art piece for your mantel or walls.

holiday centerpieces


We all know that the holidays involve a lot of eating, so be sure to make your table more inviting and festive. Leftover pumpkins from Halloween sprayed with metallic paint can create an elegant display. They are also the perfect base for large floral arrangements. Add candles, smaller gourds and natural elements to dress things up. For a more traditional look, fill baskets with fruits, rosemary and pine cones. You can even stack them for that extra ‘wow’ factor.

These are just a few holiday home decorating tips to get you started. If you need a little more inspiration, I encourage you to check out Pinterest and search for holiday centerpieces, holiday wreaths or holiday decorations. There are thousands of clever ideas to make your home feel festive this season.

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