Home Design Ideas to Inspire You in 2022

The last two years we’ve spent more time in our homes than ever before, and it’s fundamentally changed our view of how we want to live. In the face of challenging times, the home has increasingly become a place to rest, reset, and feel at peace. As we begin a new year, the desire for comfort and calm will drive interior design trends.


If you’re looking for design ideas to make you fall back in love with your home, here are some of the top trends for 2022 that I think you will love.

Neutral & Natural Shades

Neutral shades never go out of style, but this year will be all about neutrals – particularly those in the warmer color palette. Think beiges, creams, nudes, and grays or whites with warm undertones. 2022 is all about creating a Zen-like feeling, and these natural shades are the perfect canvas to add more warmth and comfort.

Biophilic Design

One other color is emerging as a major trend: green.

Why are shades of green topping the charts for companies like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore? It’s part of a broader trend called “biophilic” design, which is all about celebrating and incorporating elements of nature into the home.

Pairing green with a warm neutral color evokes the natural world, but the biophilic trend doesn’t end there. Live plants continue to grow in popularity, with many people upgrading from a few windowsill plants to unique hanging installations or plant-covered walls. It also encompasses adding more natural elements in the home – like wood, leather, and stone – that help bring your outdoor oasis inside.

Curves & Texture

Two major trends that are creating more comfort and depth in the home are curved furniture and textured décor. In a revival of the mid-century look, the trend for curved furniture is taking off – ranging from tables and couches to mirrors, kitchen islands, or statement furniture pieces.

The perfect complement for soft curves and rounded forms are textural elements. This is where you can have a lot of fun with your décor. Whether it’s bringing in linen blankets, woven baskets, rattan chairs, ceramic pottery, or other highly textured fabrics, you can incorporate tactile elements into your home for an additional layer of comfort.

Locally Sourced & Sustainable Furnishings

With supply chain issues impacting many home design projects, the importance of locally sourced goods has never been clearer. One of the best benefits of integrating more natural, textural elements into your home is that you can purchase items from regional vendors – cutting out long travel times and reducing environmental impact. Northeast Florida is rich with local resources and talented craftsmen, so it would be a fun treat to find décor pieces you love from our very own artisans.

Multifunctional Spaces (Particularly Exteriors)

If you’re looking to take on a bigger project for your home in 2022, there’s no short of ideas. We are seeing a major shift in remodeling, with less focus on distinct rooms with specific purposes and more multifunctional, or what is sometimes referred to as “entangled,” spaces. Rooms can be designed for multiple purposes, or even opened up for a more continuous space.

This is especially the case for outdoor spaces, which are becoming an extension of the interior. As people set up pergolas, deck patios with comfortable furniture, and build outdoor kitchens, the backyard is now a pivotal part of the home. Making your indoor and outdoor areas have a cohesive look and feel will bring your family even more contentment, as you relax, gather, and enjoy the beautiful weather on the First Coast.

2022 is all about making a space that truly inspires you. If you need help with renovating or designing your home, I’m ready to help you achieve your dreams. Reach out to me at 904-626-1551 to see what is possible.  

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