Kelly’s Creations

Is there a room in your home that simply doesn’t fit or function effectively within its space? If so, it may be time to consider Kelly’s Creations. Unlike my Simple Solutions where I make a few tweaks to your paint, flooring and window treatments, Kelly’s Creations is a process that literally starts from scratch. Together, we’ll review what you want out of your space and which elements are the most important to you. After the consultation, I’ll create a completely new layout of your room that will exist within its current foot print. Once the design is approved, the fun begins.

The room will be completely gutted to accommodate the new layout and design elements. Next, my team will frame the space and rough-in the electrical and plumbing features. This is when the space will begin to take shape. Over the next several weeks, we’ll add in the finishing touches to complete your new room. Depending on the fabrication of selected materials, some of my Kelly’s Creations projects can take up to six weeks to complete, but I guarantee the wait will be worth it. The end result is a room that is efficient, well-appointed and beautiful – and one you’ll be thrilled to call your own.

Whether you need a complete makeover for your kitchen, living room, master bathroom or any other room in your home, contact me today to see how Kelly’s Creations can transform your current home into a fully functional showplace.

Living Spaces

Does the flow of your home seem dysfunctional or do certain rooms feel out of place? Let Kelly’s Creations help. Our team has mastered the art of creating functional, yet fashionable, living spaces in homes across the First Coast. In many cases, we find that clients may be using rooms inefficiently. For example, creating a family room in a space that is more suitable for a dining table. With some subtle changes, such as increasing an archway height or brightening up the interior paint and/or floors, we can transform your living spaces into rooms that are open and welcoming.

Family Room

The family room is the one spot in your home where everyone should feel at ease and welcome. Does your current layout invite people to come in and relax? If not, you may need Kelly’s Creations to lend a hand. Through careful planning and design, we’ll not only create better vibe throughout the room, but also remove any elements that may be hindering the effective use of the space. This may include updating lighting fixtures, windows and flooring, as well as updating focal points of interest, such as fireplaces and built-in shelving. When the project is complete, your family will flock to the new space.


As a Realtor®, I can tell you that the kitchen is one of the top selling points of a home. If your kitchen seems cramped, cluttered or depressing, it’s not living up to its potential and could be reducing the value of your home. Kelly’s Creations, however, can easily transform your kitchen into an immaculate space that will inspire you. Whether your whipping up dinner for the family or enjoying a glass of wine after a long day at work, my team will make the right changes to your work space and find the perfect design elements to create a kitchen that will leave you the neighborhood envy.

Dining Room

Does your family look for excuses to eat anywhere but the dining room? This could be an indication that your current setup is uninviting and/or uncomfortable. With Kelly’s Creations, however, they’ll soon be back at the table. From expanding doorways to replacing flooring, and everything in between, my team will help you create a dining room space that offers the perfect setting for family meals and social gatherings.


Your bathroom should be a sanctuary that not only helps you get ready to tackle the day ahead, but also provides a relaxing environment to melt away your stress. Outdated cabinetry and fixtures, such as lighting, can create a space that is dreary and depressing, but my team can help bring your bathroom back into the light. We’ll not only refresh any existing items, but also address any issues that may be constraining efficient use of the available space. The result will be a bathroom remodel that you’ll be happy to wake up to each day.


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