Make WFH Work For You: Home Office Design Ideas

The home office has long been an overlooked room, but with remote work becoming the norm for millions of Americans, it’s time to think about what you can truly get out of your work-from-home space.

I’ve worked with more clients than ever this year on redesigning their home offices, and they have been amazed at the difference a design refresh makes in terms of comfort and functionality.

As we head into 2022, here are ideas for creating the office you’ve always dreamed of in your own home.

Invest in Modern Furniture 

When it comes to an office, the furniture makes the room.

Many of my clients who want to redesign their home office have it decorated with heavy, dated furniture that takes up a lot of space and doesn’t look, or feel, cozy. It’s time to bring in something fresh and modern that will inspire you – and in today’s world, sleek design does not have to come at the cost of comfort or functionality.

As you look for furniture, pay special attention to the ergonomics of your desk setup. Your desk and chair should be at complementary heights, your feet should be firmly on the ground when you sit down, and you should be looking slightly down (rather than up) at your computer screen. One of the biggest benefits of the home office is your office setup can be designed exactly to your needs – so don’t rush finding the right pieces that will make you totally comfortable.

Uplift With Light Colors

Avoid using dark or bold paint colors on your walls, as they can make your space feel busy and uncomfortable. Your home office should be welcoming, not intimidating. Stick with neutral colors like white, tan, light gray or a muted blue that have a calming effect and will make your room feel more spacious.

Layer in Lighting

Bright overhead lighting is a thing of the past. Instead, you can bring in natural light and more comforting light sources, like desk lamps, string lights or dimmed recessed lighting. Natural light from windows is the gold standard, but you will want to incorporate several different light sources for early morning or evening work.

Get Creative With Storage

Most of our files live on our computers these days, but that doesn’t mean storage is irrelevant. You still want organized spaces to place your important documents, easily access office supplies, and hide computer cords. Not to mention, storage pieces like wall shelving, tables and bookshelves can be the perfect way to add character to your room.

Consider Expanding Your Space

If you’re all-in for the home office, you may decide to work with a home renovator to expand the square footage and add more functionality. As people rediscover the joys of the home office, features like private studies, sitting rooms and small libraries are becoming popular again. Other people choose to add more floor space in their office so that they can take exercise breaks, roll out the yoga mat, or incorporate a standing desk.

With the right designer or renovator, you can realize a wholly unique home office – whether you’re upgrading the office you have or creating a new one.

If you would like help with your home office design or renovation, contact me at 904-626-1551 to see how we can transform your work-from-home space.

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