New Year, New Home

Every new year brings new opportunities. For many, those opportunities result in the purchase of a new home. While buying a new home should be exciting, there are certain things you should carefully consider before moving to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.


Probably the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a new home is the area it’s located in. This seems obvious, but many people don’t think about the long-term effects of their home’s location. Homes in new developments are generally lower priced and offer more amenities than others in well-established neighborhoods, but there’s a reason why those homes come at a steeper price. That new area may seem nice at first, but how a neighborhood ages over time isn’t a guarantee. Make sure you do your research on the builders and development as well as how other areas around it have matured, as it’s likely a good indicator of how the new neighborhood you’re eyeing will end up.


Most people begin the homebuying process with a wish list. While that’s a great thing to have, often that list is geared towards the buyer’s current wishes and not inclusive of future needs. The size of a home is something that should be taken into consideration for the future. A home that meets your needs now can quickly become too small for a variety of reasons. If your family is still growing it’s a good idea to ensure you have room to grow into since nobody can predict what the future will bring. If your next home purchase is intended to be your forever home, it’s a lot easier to buy a larger home now than it is to go through the entire homebuying process again a year or so down the road.


The key to making a good investment in a home isn’t always dependent on the home itself. Having an experienced realtor on your side assisting you through the entire process is invaluable. Finding the perfect home and negotiating a great deal are just some of the benefits of hiring a real estate professional. This is exactly why so many people have trusted me time and time again as their realtor. I have years of experience working in the North Florida area, which helps me find properties that are best suited for my customer’s needs. My knowledge of the always changing market helps me negotiate the best deals for my customers no matter their budget or needs. If you’re ready to take the leap and begin the homebuying process, know that I am here to help!

Buying a new home is a part of life everyone looks forward to. The memories you make in your home should be great, but for some that’s not always the case. You can avoid this by making sure the home you purchase doesn’t only make you happy now but will make you happy for many years to come. This is achieved by carefully considering the location and size of your home and then seeking the help of an experienced realtor like myself who knows exactly how to help.

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