Refined Renovations

Refined Renovations - Bathroom Before
Refined Renovations - Bathroom After

If you’re not quite ready to completely remodel the rooms in your home, but need something a little more in-depth than just a new coat of paint and some fresh window treatments, my Refined Renovations is the perfect fit for the job. Unlike Kelly’s Creations, where I completely gut a room and start from scratch, Refined Renovations utilizes the existing layout while upgrading several elements to achieve the desired look and feel you want. This not only saves time, but also money.

Outdated finishes can make a space seem tired and old, but a few strategic changes can completely revitalize a room. Upgrades to cabinetry, counter tops, hardware and fixtures can instantly give any room a more refined look and increase its aesthetic appeal. In addition to these changes, refreshing the paint with a contemporary color palette and removing old flooring can help give your home a completely new vibe.

Need a little inspiration? Browse the gallery below to see how my Refined Renovations has transformed everything from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms and more. If you’d like to learn more about my room makeover techniques and services, please contact me today to schedule a consultation.

Living Spaces

Your home should be inviting, open and have a natural flow. I can easily help you achieve this through a Refined Renovation. Whether it something simple or complex, my team will work to make your living space more enjoyable. Most projects will include changes to a room’s paint color, design details and its furnishings, but may also include opening an archway, changing the direction of flooring or even shifting a room’s entrance. It all starts with a conversation to determine what is most important to you, followed by a little magic and hard work. The result is a living space you’ll love and enjoy for many years to come.

Family Room

Does your family room resemble something from the set of a ‘90s sitcom? Maybe it’s simply unappealing or unfunctional. In either case, my Refined Renovations can bring new life to your outdated or uncomfortable space. From refreshing fireplaces to reorganizing wall space, my team will consider every detail, small and large, when redesigning your living room. When the project is complete, you won’t believe the difference it will make in the feel and flow of your home.


If your bathroom is need of a complete redesign, my Refined Renovations may be the solution. We’ll start with a blank canvas and carefully select the perfect elements to make your bathroom feel like a special retreat. No detail, small or large, is overlooked. Whether it’s adding heated floors or upgrading your shower fixtures, we meticulously work to ensure your bathroom meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


According to, the average American spends a little over 2 hours each day preparing meals. That average, however, increases once you’ve experienced a Refined Renovation. Why? It’s simple; once I have completely transformed and refined your space, you’ll never want to leave it. My team will remove the old flooring, cabinetry, lighting fixtures and make any necessary structural changes to open the kitchen. Next, we’ll reconfigure its design to ensure it’s more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Every detail, from the backsplash to the ceiling texture to appliances, is carefully chosen to create the perfect balance between function and design.


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