Refresh, Renovate, or Remodel – What Should You Do?

Knowing you aren’t satisfied with your space is easy but figuring out how to update it is a much more challenging matter.

As a home designer and renovator, I’ve found one of the most common questions clients ask is: what should I do to improve my space? The answer is unique for each client. We must consider a wide range of factors, including their goals for the home, their family’s needs, and any budget or time constraints.

You generally have three major options when it comes to changing up your home: refresh, renovate, or remodel. Here’s a brief overview of what each looks like, and which may be right for you.


The simplest option is the home “refresh,” where you make minor adjustments to your home or a specific room to breathe new life into your space. The refresh is ideal if you’re looking to sell your home or simply want to improve the look and feel of a room.

You should start a refresh by decluttering your space. Paring down the objects, knick-knacks or bulky furniture you have in a room can make it feel larger and less busy.

The next step is to update paint, floor, fixtures, and window treatments. Dark wall colors, outdated flooring and old fixtures can bring a negative vibe to your room. When I refresh a space, I recommend using one consistent floor covering and paint color to reduce the “choppy” look and make your home feel more welcoming.

You can do a refresh on your own, but a designer will help you truly rethink your space and find the right materials and colors to take your home from boring to brilliant.


If you need something more in-depth than a new coat of paint and fresh window treatments but aren’t quite ready to start tearing down walls, then renovating your home is the best option. During a renovation, we utilize the existing layout while upgrading several elements to help you achieve your desired results within a certain timetable and budget.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms where you will likely see the greatest return on investment when you renovate. My clients particularly love kitchen renovations, as they improve the “heart” of the home. My team removes old flooring, cabinets and fixtures, in addition to solutions to open the kitchen. We reconfigure the design to ensure it’s more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

You will be amazed at how much your space can be transformed without changing the dimensions.


The biggest undertaking is the full remodel – but it often leads to the greatest results. Remodeling is a great option for a home you won’t be moving out of any time soon, as you can make customizations uniquely designed for you. It’s also a great solution when you want to update a space due to a major life change, such as converting the home office to a nursery or changing a bedroom to a home gym after the kids move out.

Remodeling requires an experienced designer & renovator and a team of experts including an architect, engineer and contractors, since you’re essentially “starting from scratch.” During remodel projects, I consult with the client about how they want to live within their spaces and which elements are most important. Then, I create a completely new layout for the areas you want to renovate according to your wish list. After the areas are blank slate ready to accommodate the new layout and design elements, the team of experts begin the process to create your new space.

The project can take several weeks to several months complete, but it’s well worth the wait. The result is a completely new space that is efficient, well-appointed, and beautiful.

Whether you need a refresh, renovation or remodel for your kitchen, bathroom, or entire house, contact me at 904-626-1551 to see how we can transform your space into your ideal home.

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