Spring Cleaning

It’s March and you know what that means: it’s spring cleaning time! This may or may not be an exciting time of the year for you, but I want to help you make the most of it. There are many ways you can go about your cleaning. From typical housework to professional organizing, there’s no right or wrong way to spring clean.

Keep reading for some tips to help you tidy up your living spaces this season.

Kitchen Surfaces

The kitchen is one of the highest traffic areas of the home. It’s also where all daily food prep takes place, so it should be the cleanest place in your home. Fact is, the surfaces in your kitchen can contain many different forms of bacteria, so it’s important that you properly disinfect. Pick one spot to start with, then circle your way around the entire kitchen leaving the stove for last. The stove is usually the dirtiest place in the entire kitchen, so you don’t want to spread its contents across the rest of the space.

Dispose of your Smelly Garbage Disposal

We’ve all experienced it. You walk in the kitchen and are immediately met with an unusual smell. After some time spent tracking down the source, you realize it’s emanating from the garbage disposal. To remedy this issue, cut up a lemon and squeeze it directly into the disposal. After squeezing, drop the rind in and let the disposal get to work on it. This helps to deodorize the source and leaves your garbage disposal smelling fresh again.

Disinfect the Tech

One area that should be on everyone’s spring cleaning list is technology. Phones, computers and remotes are on the receiving end of all the germs we’re carrying around with us. You can wipe down their surfaces with an alcohol wipe to sterilize them. This will help to cut down on the transmission of sicknesses if others use these devices too.

Don’t Snooze on your Bedside Table

It’s easy to understand why items pile up on our nightstands. The convenience of having everything we would ever need directly next to the bed makes life easier. On the other hand, it makes life lazier too leading to a loss of productivity and motivation. Cut back the clutter and only keep the essentials on your nightstand, such as an alarm clock, lamp and tissues. One book, magazine or other similar item is also suitable, but be sure to get rid of any miscellaneous items that don’t add value to your nightly routine.

Bye-Bye Bath Time

This last tip is for all the parents out there who know the struggle of trying to tame a child’s beloved bath toys. It may start to feel like they’re multiplying overnight and you’re having to dodge them just to use your own bathroom. A great solution comes in the form of a mesh bath toy bag. Simply attach the bag to the side of the tub or shower with the included suction cup and drop the toys in. The mesh material also allows the toys to air dry, preventing the buildup of mold.


Spring cleaning is a unique process for everyone. Some choose to go full force and scrub their homes top to bottom while others continue to clean the same way they usually do. No matter what end of this spectrum you reside, these cleaning tips can easily benefit everyone.

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