Spring Design Trends for the Home


Spring is upon us and so is the itch to update your home’s style. As we transition from colder months to the warmer months, people tend to look for new and creative ways to usher in fresh elements into their home’s interior design. With every new season comes new design trends for the market. Out of them all, here are my honorable mentions from today’s latest design trends.

Natural Accents

Now that it’s time to open back up the windows and doors, why not bring a little bit of the outdoors to the indoors? Infusing natural elements around the house is an easy way to create a tranquil space while repurposing pieces from the environment. Sand, stone and wood are all now commonly found among furniture and other decorative items and are a great fit for any room of the house.

Color Contrasting

The colors and tones of a home can add a lot of interior design value. Something as simple as the paint on the walls can change the entire feel of a room instantly. Between the paint and décor, creating some contrast in the color scheme of a room can take its design to the next level. Black and white are extremely popular in interior design because they’re the perfect contrast of each other and are also simple neutral tones. Whether you use black and white, or any other contrasting colors, be smart with the colors you choose for your home. They not only affect their individual space, but also the flow of the whole home.

Plants and Greenery

In springtime, it’s natural to want to add some plant life to the home. The use of flowers, plants and other greenery as décor continues to grow in popularity. I recommend pulling greenery into the home in a subtle way, such as a decorative basket with mixed greenery, placing small succulents around the home and in the summertime introducing palm fronds. There are many ways that you can get creative with plants and greenery. Feel free to look through my Greenery board to see how to incorporate plants and greenery into your home.

Interior design trends tend to change from season to season, but others are timeless. Natural accents, color contrasting, and plants and greenery are all trending right now and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Even though these aren’t necessarily new ideas, they’ve proven themselves to be game changers and that factors into why they’re trending this year.

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