Juan & Annette Chaluja

“We were so fortunate to have found Kelly when we wanted to purchase our Vickers Lake Drive home. As our Realtor, she was patient and presented herself in a professional calm manner, most knowledgeable and considerate of our needs. She cautioned us throughout the buying process as we wanted to make significant changes to the house. In short, she was on our side working to make our house purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Kelly was that she was also a design and remodel contractor allowing us to not only purchase our home, but invest in it using her for ALL of the upgrades needed after the purchase was final. As a contractor, Kelly was transparent on her estimates and timelines, as well as understanding of our budget. The upgrades performed in the house came in at budget and on time. We are grateful of her hard work and professionalism. She is available 24 hours a day and replies to all of our inquiries the same day (if not minutes). We highly recommend Kelly as a Realtor to help you buy or sell and a Renovator for your home project needs, either small or large. We will also be using Kelly’s expertise to rent and sell our Michael’s Landing home.”

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