The Benefits of Moving to the Suburbs

What comes to your mind when you think of living in the suburbs? Do you think of kids playing ball on the lawn, a family riding bikes to the neighborhood park, maybe even the sound of birds chirping in the mornings? Your vision would be right, but the suburbs are much more than they seem. They have a lot to offer people of all walks of life, not just growing families.

Here’s why a move from the city into the suburbs could be beneficial:

More Bang for Your Buck

The reason most people choose to live in the suburbs is for the space you get when compared to a city dwelling. Money tends to go a lot further outside the city, so the size of the home and yard you can get increases. A smaller space is fine for one or two people, but when you add in kids and pets that one-bedroom apartment no longer seems fitting for your lifestyle. The average homebuyer has a strict budget, so stretching it as far as possible is key. One way to do that is to ditch the city and look at what you can get by moving a few miles out.

Better Schools

For families or those looking to start a family, living near good schools is important. Often, suburban areas tend to have higher rated schools than urban areas. On the First Coast, it’s pretty much the same. The further away you get from downtown, the better the schools get. Moving out of Duval County and into neighboring counties, like Clay, Nassau and St. Johns, can provide even better academic opportunities. The St. Johns County School District is even the highest ranked school district in all of Florida.

Family-Friendly Amenities

What the inner city has in bars, clubs, sporting events and concerts, the suburbs make up for in family-friendly activities. Outdoor activities are in excess in the suburbs. Many neighborhoods even have community recreation centers for families to gather and play. Swimming pools, parks, nature trails, bike paths and golf courses are commonly found within Jacksonville’s suburban communities. The easy access to these amenities helps families make the decision to move to the suburbs.

Less Traffic

Traffic congestion is the norm in most urban areas. Even after rush hour, people still come and go from the city regularly. Living in the suburbs provides an escape from the traffic, especially on weekends. Many communities have their own shopping centers, so there’s no need for residents to travel into the city for errands.

Lower Crime Rates

One thing to consider when moving is an area’s crime rate. Whether in the city or in the suburbs, the lower the crime rate the better. Typically, suburban areas have much lower crime rates than their urban counterparts. For families with children, being safe at home is always a top priority. There are resources available online you can use to search recent crimes committed in your area. These tools can be a huge help when determining what neighborhood you want to call home.

The suburbs provide many positive opportunities you simply can’t find elsewhere. Whether you’re a single first-time homebuyer or a large family looking to upsize, the suburbs are a great place to be. You can find larger homes, better schools, more family-friendly activities, less traffic and a lower crime rate by choosing to live just outside the city. So, what are you waiting for?!

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