Winter Wonderland

Just like that, the holidays are over, and the new year is here. As we recover from the endless gatherings and gift exchanges, taking down the holiday decorations is usually the first step. For some, ditching the holiday decorations is a relief, while others are saddened by it. If you’re sad to see the festive décor go, don’t worry! Winter is just beginning, and there’s a lot of fresh seasonal decorating ideas you can try.

Keep reading to learn some unique ideas to beautifully deck out your home for winter.


Think wreaths are just for Christmas? Think again! A wreath is a great staple piece all winter long. Place one on the front door, above the fireplace or even on the dining room table to bring some fresh greenery into your space.


Continuing the greenery theme, garland is great to leave up all winter long. Wrap it around the staircase or drape it across the mantle to add a natural touch to your home.

Wooden Logs

Wooden logs you usually use for fires can serve another purpose in the home. They make a great decoration! When decorating for winter, it’s great to bring in some natural elements to your home. Well, what’s more natural than wood! Grab a few pieces of that firewood you have stacked up outside and bring it in. It can be used to create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table. You can even stage a few logs around the home on their own or in a bucket or planter.


The color tones are an important part of seasonal décor, regardless of the season. When the temperatures drop outside, the color palette tends to get cooler as well. In winter, many decorations have “icy” undertones and utilize colors like white, blue and purple. In addition, using metallic accents like gold and silver can help complete the look.


One of the simplest seasonal changes everyone can make is using scented candles. The smells of pine, vanilla and berries infusing a space can help bring back those childhood memories of wintertime. Also, candles can be used as a decoration, not just for scent. Placing white candles of various sizes around your home can add to the cool color palette while also bringing warmth to the space.

Creating a winter wonderland within your home is easier than you think. After the holidays, transitioning your décor doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. The traditional holiday items like Christmas trees, stockings and menorahs will go, but not everything has to change. Keeping or adding wreaths, garland, wood and other natural elements can add to the wintry aesthetic. Finally, color and candles can round out the look to result in a home you’ll enjoy being in all season long.

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